Thursday, March 7, 2019

Causes of Farting Women during Sex, Here's How to Prevent It

Farting during sex, even though it sounds embarrassing, is normal and can happen to every couple. What caused it?

Causes of farting during sex

Dispose of the wind, aka fart, is itself a normal thing. Fart is the release of gas from the stomach which is produced by peristalsis, a series of contractions of the intestinal muscles to move the remaining food to the anus.

Peristaltic motion creates a high-pressure room that forces all intestinal contents, including gas produced by intestinal bacteria, to move towards the anus, which in fact has a lower pressure. Gas is more easily brightened than other components, and these small gas bubbles unite into larger air bubbles while heading towards the "exit".

This process is stimulated by eating activities. That's why we feel like defecating or farting after eating.

But sexual activity can also trigger exhaustion. Because, sex involves a lot of pressure on your rectum. If you have gas in there that has not been wasted before, and your anus is not strong enough to hold it, it is not impossible that your lovemaking session will be slightly interrupted by typical smells.

The causes of women farting during sex can be different

Men and women can both fart during sex for the above reasons. But especially in women, farting during sex can come from a different place than the anus, which is through Miss V.

Dispose of wind through Miss V, called queef, is not caused by bacterial activity in the digestive system. Queef is the result of the release of air trapped inside the vagina. The reason, Miss V is not shaped like a straight tube but is wavy and wrinkled, making it easier for air to be trapped inside Miss V. The occurrence of queef is also usually associated with the weakening of the muscles found in the Miss V and pelvis.

Unlike throwing wind from the anus, fart that comes from the vagina does not smell.

Then, why can you go out during sex?

When you have sex, the movement and friction of the penis can cause pressure on the anus which is located next to the wall of Miss V. In addition, the friction of the alternating penis can easily invite gas and get trapped inside Miss V. So sometimes when You want to climax, the muscles around your genitals will relax and you can release the gas trapped in it.

In addition to sexual intercourse, the use of tampons or other tools such as sex toys can cause the wind to push so that it sounds like a sound of exhausting wind. Then, the examination of Miss V by a doctor or gynecologist can also cause queef, because usually the doctor or gynecologist will use a device (speculum) to examine the inside of Miss V.

How do you prevent fart during sex?

There are a number of things you can do to prevent farting during sex. First of all, avoid foods that can trigger farting if you plan to go to bed tonight. Peanuts, milk, certain vegetables (potatoes, radishes, mustard greens, wheat), until soda and gum are the most common causes of farting.

If your farting problem is not from food, some experts advise you to train the pelvic floor with kegel gymnastics. Kegel exercises can be done every day, several times a day for 10 to 15 seconds. Try to do this exercise at least 3 sets a day to get maximum results.

In addition, sex positions also affect the exit or absence of fart during lovemaking. You can avoid bending or prone position, such as doggy style or standing sex position. It is also recommended to penetrate sex with a slower or slower rhythm, so that the air is not trapped inside Miss V.

And most easily, you can just laugh at the farting sound that comes out as a silly thing while continuing to make love to your beloved partner.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Scanetchain isThe First AR Dapp based on NEM platform Developed for Blockchain Commercialization


Scanetchain is The First AR Dapp based on NEM platform Developed for Blockchain Commercialization.Scanetchain provides a compelling yet simple API to connect existing industries into the blockchain based on NEM Foundation blockchain technologies.

The key features of the Scanetchain are as follows

  • AR blockchain designed for commercialization services

Users can immediately purchase all of the prominent merchandise around the locality with an AR scan, and they can shop quickly and conveniently by paying with an encrypted token. It is a revolution of shopping service that does not distinguish the online area. Scanetchain will offer an API form to existing online shopping mall partners who are suitable for each country in the world. AR shopping service will launch and expand in each nation.

.Users can combine their photos and videos in a pair and upload them as markers and matching data. When AR technology is applied, the matching video performs in real-time within an AR scan. Eventually, the marker itself become an AR video frame.The tokens collected as a reward for watching advertisements will help you to order AR frames.Scanetchain implemented as a commercialized AR blockchain platform contains all the necessary services for real life.

  • Hybrid-blockchain

  • Unique AR platform technology
  • Decentralized open market platform designed for users

Users can use block-chain technology only by using social networks without any knowledge of theblockchain system.

More details Read whitepaper


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Thursday, August 16, 2018



Oodlebit will be a U.S. based cryptocurrency exchange opening in early 2019 focusing on the total user experience, from the design of the platform down to the quality of customer support. Oodlebit will provide a simple and advanced trading interface for customers of all experience levels. Access on Web, iOS, Android, Windows and Mac from which users can make trades, manage digital assets, and monitor their accounts with just a few clicks of a button. Users will discover fair trading fees, low withdrawal fees, and new features that will make Oodlebit one of a kind.
Oodlebit is a U.S. based business founded in 2018 by Nicholas Dooley. Aiming to provide users with a fast, fair, and secure digital asset trading platform by utilizing the best technologies,
Oodlebit has implemented internal procedures to combat money laundering, terrorist financing, drug and human tracking, arms and WMD sales, corruption, and bribery on its platform. The Oodlebit Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Policy (AML/KYC Policy) helps to identify, prevent, and mitigate risks of illegal activity on the Oodlebit exchange. 

Oodlebit inc is registered with FinCEN under MSB ID: 31000127368312 

Oodlebit Exchange Features

  • Trade ====>Trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, EOS and other top digital asset
  • Security===>The safety of your funds and information is our top priority
  • Advanced Charting Tools===>provide users with a full set of charting tools
  • Fair Trading Fees===>Users can qualify for reduced and at trading fees when they choose to pay with OODL.
  • Powerful APIs===>Utilizing  APIs developers can build third-party applications
  • Advanced Order Types===> Order types available: Limit, Market, and Stop Loss

developed algorithms to detect unusual behaviors such as unusual trading patterns, unusual withdrawals, and other malicious activity. 

 systems are always up to date with the latest software and operating system security patches. 

Automatic backups of all  data are performed daily and then sent to multiple locations for safe keeping. 

live systems are protected by anti-DDoS services so that  users never experience any interruptions with our service.



Wednesday, August 15, 2018

UBECOIN User-Friendly Platform To E-commerce For Merchants To Trade Goods And Services Without Cash Transaction Fees


Ube Ltd is focused on providing a user-friendly platform for E-commerce, by providing easy access into the Ubecoin ecosystem which will enable rapid growth in the cryptoeconomy. A cryptoeconomy is the techno- economic model built on the technology of the blockchain. Institutionally considered, a cryptoeconomy is an extreme form of decentralised or distributed economy.Ubecoin is a blockchain solution created by a Gibraltar technology company with the aim of no less than the complete disruption of the traditional barter market globally.Ubecoin will be used as a medium of exchange from Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and Consumer to Business (C2B).

ubecoin have a 3 phase to facilitate entry into the modern economy

  • Phase 1. Free Trade Barter (FTB)

 Ube Ltd will first seek to disrupt the global barter industry by offering a subscription based advertising model to enable merchants to have an unlimited low cost plan to grow their business. Barter is the action or system of exchanging goods or services without using money. The modern trade and barter industry includes three major sectors: 
  • traditional retail barter exchange companies 
  • corporate barter companies, and 
  • countertrade.

  • Phase 2. Online Entertainment
 Ube Ltd is developing partnerships with Probability Limited, Bulbet Limited, licensed UK pool online operators with over 4.5 million accounts and growing.
Ube Ltd’s online entertainment partners will be chosen from compliant/ licensed and best practice companies. In the second phase Ube Ltd is targeting the online entertainment sector. Lack of avenues for gamers to spend their winnings and the processing time is relatively slow and costly. Players at traditional fiat gaming websites need to wait for their bank wire (if they are not using a credit card) to get to the sites in-game wallet before being able to play. Regardless of their deposit method, the player could wait several days to receive their withdrawal if they decide to stop playing and cash-out. On-boarding the gaming and entertainment sector into the Ubecoin ecosystem instantly creates an uplift in consumer to business transactions via FTB by providing multiple avenues for gamers to spend their wallet. This will also create further opportunity for the Merchant network to gain access to a wider range of consumers that would not currently be available to them

  • Phase 3. Fintech & Telco
Ube Ltd has agreed to partner with Apexx Fintech to develop and integrate their Ubecoin into the Apexx Fintech business products.Apexx work to reduce cost of payments acceptance using their dynamic routing engine, a switch solution that allows the intelligent routing of transaction to the most beneficial provider within a multi-acquirer model. Criteria for a switch include: currency, transaction type, card type, region, time of the day, load-balancing, or the re-routing of a transaction that has failed with one acquirer/issuer.

As with Online Entertainment it should be noted that at this stage Ube Ltd does not intend to enter the highly regulated Fintech and Telco industries but will only act as an arm’s length third party supplier of Ubecoin to its Fintech and Telco industry partners.

More detail read whitepaper

Ubecoin Roadmap

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